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 kids bean bag chairs
Small Bean Bag Chairs
Our small bean bag chairs for kids are adorable, durable and comfortable.  Children's bean bag chairs don't get much cuter than this (we don't think many kids do either, but we're a bit biased because they're the middle two of our four children). Read more of our story.
  •  Recommended for: Ages 1-3
  •  Floor Space: Width 25", Depth 25", Height 30"
  •  Circumference - 90"
  •  Weight - 8  to 10 lbs
  •  Features - Head, neck & back support for recommended ages, Convertible Positions (Recliner & Cushion), triple stitched & guaranteed seams, safety lock zippers, quality fabrics & comfy filler (tiny virgin polystyrene pellets...WAY more comfy than shredded foam or recycled pellets)​

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